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AlgoMe Community - Community Guidelines

AlgoMe Community has been created so that industry professionals can connect, collaborate and provide insight, opinion and guidance on a range of industry and career development topics. We invite you to contribute, share and learn. By adhering to some guidelines we can all ensure we make our Community a friendly and valuable place.


Read and Share

We encourage you to talk about what you're passionate about, and engage with other members:

  • use your real name;
  • ask questions;
  • be insightful;
  • be innovative;
  • keep it relevant;
  • write a blog;
  • add links and supporting material;
  • join and create groups; 
  • take risks in sharing your new and different ideas for others to join in your discussion;
  • invite others that could add value to conversations;


The Right Participation Counts

The tone and content of a conversation makes all the difference. It should be challenging, insightful, and relevant. Our Community is based on contributions of real people who all have valuable experience and insights to share. Be one of them; ask thought provoking questions and reward others with respectful responses. You can also show your appreciation by reacting to posts or other content. 


Help foster healthy conversation and debate, without attacking people personally and refraining from harassing and discriminatory behaviours and language. Please remind yourself that members should never be disrespectful, rude, inappropriate or offensive. If you come across anything on this site that you feel breaks these guidelines, please report it to us via the "Report post" links. 


Your Feedback Counts

If you want to send any feedback (general, content, technical, etc.) or to report a bug, please get in touch via our support page.

If you'd like to become more involved, by speaking at or hosting an AlgoMe event, drop us a mail at info@novaeterrae.co.uk.


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