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Luuk Jacobs

The next big thing for our mobile phones

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Luuk Jacobs

The FlexPai phone offers a tablet-sized screen when open or three separate displays when folded up.


With a new Apple phone X meanwhile costing well over £1,000, the price of this innovative bendy screen phone seems to be a "bargain" for anyone loving their gadget. It equally shows that as a newcomer to the market you can beat others to the game of first launching the long time announced bendy screen phone.


Apple is long rumoured to have one in development and every year it is expected to be their next big launch. However to me Apple has become not necessarily the company that launches innovations the first and is happy to look at how others deal with the children illnesses in the product to then launch their own matured version or with their archest in money just buy up the company and integrate the technology/innovation in their products.


A strategy that has paid off for them and for other giants in other industries (Volkswagen re. electric cars i.e. Tesla)

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