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Eva Keogan

World Mental Health Day

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Luuk Jacobs

I recently read an article in which a woman explained that as a manager she had decided to attend a 1 year coaching course as she saw to many people issues in her workplace that if not approached well could easily lead to mental health issues or simple not well being in the workplace. She thinks that as a manager being trained as a coach could significantly support staff in functioning well together. I must say I subscribe to it and bringing in coaching in management courses would absolutely help to address mental well being in the workplace. Preventing might be here also better than curing. 

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    • Andy Milner
      By Andy Milner
      Today is Time to Talk Day 2019, an initiative designed to encourage everyone to talk about mental health. We all know people that have been impacted by mental health issues of varying degrees, so initiatives like this are very positive.
      Time to Talk Day 2019 | Time To Change
    • Luuk Jacobs
      By Luuk Jacobs
      Google staff walk out over women's treatment
      WWW.BBC.CO.UK A huge payout for an executive accused of sexual misconduct provokes an unprecedented protest.  
      Not exactly what I would have expected from a company like Google. My perception has always been that it is a company that is as much on the forefront of technology development as it is on equal rights, diversity, inclusion, etc. 
      It remains exemplary that they have published figures as to how many employees have been fired for sexual harassment. However the mentioned clause in employees contract to keep the judgement behind closed internal doors is worrying and gives to me the impression of being as a company above the law. Yes it is reasonable that (sexual) harassment claims are initially discussed/heart internally (the accused has his/her rights as well), however the forced arbitration without appeal against the decision sounds to me not right. 
    • Eva Keogan
      By Eva Keogan
      According to the charity Mind, Mental health problems can affect anyone. This year, World Mental Health Day falls on October 10 and the theme is Workplace Wellbeing…something which AlgoMe is very passionate about.
      While October 10 may be a designated day to show solidarity and support for better mental health, it’s also a timely reminder to start looking after your own wellbeing and think more broadly about your colleagues in the long term. Stress costs companies an average of £9,000 per employee each year so it makes sense to think about investing in wellness programmes to counterbalance stress and avoid long term issues where possible.
      Asset Management and Financial Services professionals employees are not immune to mental illness or burn out. The high-profile case of Lloyds Banking Group, CEO, Horta-Osório having to take time out to deal with stress has been well documented and well received.  He was quoted as saying “It almost broke me.” in a recent interview with The Times but he has talked through it extensively, and this should hopefully divest some of the stigma surrounding any form of mental illness in the workplace.
      There are some great platforms and apps available to help people manage stress in the workplace. Here are three great examples the AlgoMe team has chosen which are great wellness in the workplace tools, and like us use data and algorithms to help people get on with their professional lives:
      Umind is aimed at the workplace and wellbeing. It has curated a toolbox of evidenced-based interventions for employees to utilise in times of need. It’s very clever stuff and uses data and algorithms to support people. Mindfulness, breathing exercises, stretching and more can be accessed in just a few clicks. Unmind also provides realtime support or can signpost an EAP provider if required. According to its data 92% of employees using Unmind have reported an improvement in their wellbeing. Now that’s something we think is incredibly useful.
      We live in an always “on” world and the boundaries between work and personal life are blurred like never before. This means we are never out of reach and always accessible through our smartphones and devices. ThriveGlobal is a company which has developed a portfolio of apps and podcasts which help people help unplug, recharge, and set boundaries in their relationship with technology. Silo is one of these apps which helps control – instead of being controlled by – the technology in your life. By selectively blocking distractions, alerts, and notifications on your phone, Silo allows you to reclaim space in your life for focus, creativity, and truly connecting with the world, those around you, and yourself – a must for the digitally overloaded professional!
      BioBeats is another company we love which is using AI for healthy living. The company has developed software which uses artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and software, based on evidence-based stress management, to target wellbeing in the workplace. It means users are able to understand how their body and mind respond to stress and how it affects them in their work and personal life. The constant feedback loop can have a positive impact on wellbeing.

      Wellbeing in the workplace is obviously not just limited to apps and technology. Mental health charity Mind has put together a schedule of events themed around Workplace Wellbeing. If you would like to find out more about courses available, check out Mind.org.
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