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Luuk Jacobs

Addressing the Gender Pay Gap

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Andy Milner

@Luuk Jacobs - thanks for pointing us towards this report. It's actually a very comprehensive and interesting look at the current situation.


Here's one intersesting stat:



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    • Eva Keogan
      By Eva Keogan
      Direct quote from Investment Week: The number of firms in the UK reporting their Gender Pay Gap (GPG) figures by the deadline has fallen by more than a thousand, amid claims firms have restructured businesses or transferred staff to avoid being obliged to report, or have ditched reporting altogether under the perception they will not face repercussions.
      Is anyone working for a company which has done this? Is it time to name and shame as has been threatened before? Your thoughts are welcome.
      This is quite worrying to read and it's not just Investment Week which has reported on this but to down size companies so they are below the 250-person threshold for reporting is incredibly cynical. Has anyone found evidence of this? Also, using Brexit as a smokescreen is not going to wash next year.
      Gender pay gap reporting falls as asset managers unveil mixed results
      WWW.INVESTMENTWEEK.CO.UK More than 1,000 fewer firms reveal figures  
    • AlgoMe
      By AlgoMe
      Asset management firms realise that culture has a real impact on a company’s long-term reputation and sustainability. It is the underlying culture that influences the way people think, act and make decisions. Senior leaders may be confident that their firm already has a healthy culture that supports its strategy however there are always opportunities to consider how your culture may be influenced by changes, and reviewing and embedding your culture should be a continuous process.
      The IA's Culture in Investment Management Forum is expected to be the gathering for influential speakers and industry experts to further the discussion on the key challenges faced by the asset management industry, and analyse potential best practises and strategies to overcome them. 
    • AlgoMe
      By AlgoMe
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