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Colin Ng

Larry Fink: Purpose and Profits are inextricably linked

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Luuk Jacobs

I attended yesterday a dinner organised by @IESE on Augmented Intelligence. Next to the meaning of it there was a lively discussion on the impact of it on jobs and if it would be replacing at any time the human being.

Specialists in the field firstly argued that there will indeed be an impact on jobs but further stressed that it would not necessarily make jobs redundant but kind of would lift them up to the next level in which the information available for decision making would significantly improve; current unstructured data can be made structured. Technologies like self driving cars are in the current legal environment not replacing the driver. New technologies in for example aircraft maintenance, make t possible with the use of micro robots too easily and quickly looks into the engines to detect issues; technology here also adds but does not replace. 

The discussion concluded that media is portraying new technology in a Hollywood fiction style, whereas reality is still far away from this. So maybe there is a need for more realism as to what technology will be able to change in the next 20-50 years, otherwise unfunded anger, nationalism and xenophobia could destabilise societies instead of technology enriching everyone's lives.



Around the world, frustration with years of stagnant wages, the effect of technology on jobs, and uncertainty about the future have fueled popular anger, nationalism, and xenophobia. 


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    • Luuk Jacobs
      By Luuk Jacobs
      With the role out of 5G started by EE in various UK cities, the mobile internet is promising to get much faster and being able to match the fixed line broadband. But it is not just a story of speed as this next generation mobile broadband network will equally spark the development and launch of new apps: from keeping track of vehicles and equipment around the country, to running complex networks of factory robots and autonomous systems capable of communicating with each other, or with a cloud-based control system in near real-time.
      So what does this mean in practise ? Think of healthcare and an ambulance will vie able to more reliable and sophisticated communicate with the hospital and send over medical data of the patient where every second counts. Autonomous driving will become more of a reality with the exchange between car and many other data.
      Phil Baulch, BT's CIO of corporate and public sector, says that, with the increasing availability of distributed edge computing systems where every device on the network is also a node in a compute cluster, "you can start to connect a city, you can start to connect everything in the home together. You can start to connect the supply chain to the factory to the distribution chain to the robotics in a house." 
      Around this hype of speed and improved connectivity, I would like to add some caution as in my experience the much hyped move from 3G to 4G has been underwhelming and often I still find my self with only 3G, even in London. Equally with the interconnection of whole cities, what does that do to security and confidentiality of data. Do we really want to give away all our personal data for the "greater" good. We like to think that in the internet of things everything is for free, but the short history has learnt that we pay a dear price for the data we (unconsciously) provide.
    • Luuk Jacobs
      By Luuk Jacobs
      Zuckerberg pledges 'privacy-focused' Facebook
      WWW.BBC.CO.UK He also said Facebook would not store sensitive data in countries with weak records on human rights.  
      Is the the departure of FB's chief product officer Chris Cox and head of WhatsApp Chris Daniels an indication of FB wanting to develop the social media network into one focused around privacy, reducing permanence, and secure data storage?
      Personally I definitely think that in general social media lack privacy/confidentiality of their users data and there is a trend for users of social media increasingly wanting to connect privately in the digital equivalent of the living room.
    • Luuk Jacobs
      By Luuk Jacobs
      I came across this "little book of data" recently published by Aviva Investors. It works for me with all the visuals and puts the world and in many subjects in perspective ....... from economies, demographics to technology and much more
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    • Colin Ng
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      Ms Scrimgeour's background in fixed income investing (former COO of Blackrock's international fixed income unit) has pushed her past other internal and external candidates for this job. This seems to be inline with further solidifying LGIM's sweetspot in tracker funds and investments for pension funds and companies.
    • AlgoMe
      By AlgoMe
      Impact Investing World Forum 2019 is one of leading social impact investment events in UK Europe and Global. It aims to foster debate on social impact of all types of investments including social impact bonds, stocks, private equity, investment banking, venture capital, wealth management and family office. The Forum brings together world’s leading banks, hedge funds, charitable foundations and trusts world wide.
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