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Colin Ng

Apple launches credit card

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Luuk Jacobs

I could imagine that this drop in share price is due to the fact that Apple announces to move into markets that have lower margins and are expensive to move in. Creating content for streaming services like Apple+TV is expensive a return less predictable. Netflix is investing hugely in content to gain subscribers to their network but if content falters clients can easily move away to other providers. Apple's success so far has been based on getting subscribers on their iPhone/iPad platform and it is not easy to move away from ie revenue's are very sticky

With regards the Apple card, without knowing the details of the services provided through it, are they planning to be a competitor to the Revolut and Monzo's of this world? Will it generate equal margin's or even margins on top of Apple Pay ?

So the new services launched might well be profitable but at least in the short term not generate the margins that Apple shareholder have been used to

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