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Colin Ng

Bull or bear?

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Luuk Jacobs

I believe that the slowdown in the global markets is mainly caused by geo political events, especially the China vs US trade "war". Yes interest rates are being suppressed at the moment and employment is at highest rates in many western countries, the underlying detailed employment data however indicate that the jobs created are lower skill, low pay and not necessarily full-time, whereas productivity is not increasing. So the above combined does not indicate a flourishing economic picture and hence a move in more secure bond markets.

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      Came across this very interesting (and funny) read in today's FT
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      By Luuk Jacobs
      Business school rankings from the Financial Times - FT.com
      RANKINGS.FT.COM Business school rankings, including MBA, MSC, and European MBA rankings from the Financial Times  
      The FT published yesterday their annual Global MBA ranking again. Not much movement at the top, with Stanford Graduate School of Business taking the number 1 position for the second year.
      More interesting to see that, although the US still ranks top with 51 MBA's in the top 100, China is meanwhile represented with 6 MBA's, whereas India has 4 MBA's in the top 100. Equally the top Chinese MBA, CELBS has been moving up in the ranks from 11 in 2017, 8 in 2018 to number 5 now. 
      The top European MBA remains Insead (France), closely followed by London Business School and IESE (Spain)
      All other conclusion you can read via the included FT article (subscription service)
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      Investment Week is delighted to announce the Fixed Income event, taking place on Wednesday 5th December 2018 at Grosvenor House in London.
      Delegates attending this event will also benefit from fantastic networking opportunities, informative Q&A sessions and valuable structured CPD hours.
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      EVENTS.INVESTMENTWEEK.CO.UK At our event, delegates will hear from several fund managers discussing key questions.  
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      Bond Markets are a cornerstone of the global economy, providing a critical source of capital for issuers as well as key investment opportunities for a wide range of investors.
      In recent years, investors have raised a number of concerns regarding aspects of certain exchange and tender offer proposals. Investors are concerned that these issues risk undermining bond market integrity to the detriment of issuers and investors.
      In order to help address these issues, the IA has produced Best Practice Principles for Exchange and Tender Offers that aim to:
      Increase market participants’ understanding of investors’ concerns; and Provide guidelines for a well-conducted offer process  
      Attendees will hear from a variety of expert speakers, drawn from amongst IA members, market participants, and the Financial Conduct Authority. These speakers will look to address firms’ questions about the concerns raised by members, why market practice has developed the way it has, and the ways in which investors and issuers can work together to promote good practice in fixed income markets and produce exchange and tender offers that work for all stakeholders.
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      Investment Week is delighted to announce the 2017 Market Focus Global Equities event, taking place on Thursday 6th July at The May Fair Hotel in London.
      Delegates attending this event will also benefit from fantastic networking opportunities, informative Q&A sessions and valuable structured CPD hours.
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