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Colin Ng

HMRC under fire for suicides linked to tax charge on contractors amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds

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Andy Milner

Although it sounds like these schemes definitely fall into the "more aggressive" end of tax avoidance (description from the FT below), this was within the law at the time and was not (illegal) tax evasion, so changing the law retrospectively AND not allowing flexibility doesn't seem the right approach.


Apparently the users of these schemes included less well paid workers including agency staff, supply teachers and nurses, including some who were put into this situation by their employers at the time.


Typically, disguised remuneration schemes involve an employer paying an employee indirectly through a third party company, often in the form of an offshore trust. Rather than paying a salary which would attract income tax and NICs, employees are loaned money by the trust on terms that mean it is unlikely ever to be repaid.




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