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Andy Milner

We are approaching Peak Environment

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Andy Milner

An interesting podcast explaining why embracing sustainable investment is "a good sort of selfish".







Every asset managers claims to be sustainable, but how do you recognize asset managers that not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk? Daniel Wild, co-CEO of RobecoSAM, discusses the latest trends in sustainable...


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    • Pierre-Yves Rahari
      By Pierre-Yves Rahari
      About the structural shift towards impact investing: Here is an interesting article, about Amundi launching an "inequalities" fund, aimed at encouraging the reduction of inequalities: https://www.ft.com/content/7bed205c-39ec-393c-8f08-0106c3787de9.
      The author suggests that Amundi could meet these impacting objectives by [I quote] "build[ing] chief executives’ salaries into mainstream indices; check[ing] how corporates treat their employees and scrutiniz[ing] more closely tax structures using the easily accessible indices whose focus is the S and G of environmental, social and governance."
      A vast program, which speaks to the urge for Asset Managers to start taking impact investing seriously.
      Failure to do so increases the risk that investors, large institutiosl and individuals alike, do not recognise themselves anymore in the Investment Management industry, and may elect to by-pass it by investing directly where it makes sense to them. 
      Worth a read ...
    • Colin Ng
      By Colin Ng
      'Be ready to think about the 10-15 year view of the industry and be a part of that change'. Many other insights from this recent interview he gave to the Square Mile:
      1) Mass personalisation of investments & tokenisation to increase accessibility and liquidity
      2) Portfolios of the future will be a blend of public and private investments. Public companies are shrinking/consolidating. There is much potential to unlock in the private space
      3) Sustainable investing and ESG funds will grow in demand as next generation of investors will want their money to go further to make more positive societal impacts
      4) Diversity of thought is business-critical - solving problems is best done in a more diverse group
      5) Mental Health in the city is bigger problem than anticipated. We need to foster a culture (top-down) where it is ok to talk about it and support each other
      On top of that, he exhibited much humility. Must Watch IMHO! 
    • AlgoMe
      By AlgoMe
      Impact Investing World Forum 2019 is one of leading social impact investment events in UK Europe and Global. It aims to foster debate on social impact of all types of investments including social impact bonds, stocks, private equity, investment banking, venture capital, wealth management and family office. The Forum brings together world’s leading banks, hedge funds, charitable foundations and trusts world wide.
      Agenda - Impact Investing World Forum
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