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Luuk Jacobs

gender pay gap

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Luuk Jacobs



Worth looking at the video in this article. Yes it shows the facts but equally it only confirms what we already know. It would in my view been equally or more powerful to turn the tables and let the men feel what it means to be held back in the climb up ....... maybe then the change would be quicker

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Andy Milner


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Luuk Jacobs


Thanks for getting the direct link to the video

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    • Jonathan Max
      By Jonathan Max
      In 1995 the analogue world was set to change radically. At this point in time, a mere 16 million people were using the internet globally. Fast forward to today and the figures are somewhere around the 4 billion mark. Jack Welch, the former GE CEO, was able to envisage how the internet would transform business. He applied his visionary thinking and put GE’s youngest employees to work by getting them to teach 500 of their top executives how to use the internet.  As a result, he upskilled a generation of business people and he also popularised ‘reverse mentoring’.  
      Reverse mentoring is when the younger generation takes the lead role with the senior person as the mentee. It is an extremely valuable business method – especially during the times of disruption.  The internet, social media and emerging technologies such as AI and Fintech, and of course, the ever changing fabric of society as a whole have been in a constant state of flux for decades and it can often be hard to keep pace with change. 
      Benefits for Diversity & Inclusion
      As noted by Forbes; reverse mentoring can facilitate organisational goals such as increasing millennial retention, fostering inclusivity, and maintaining competitive advantage. According to a recent article by MarketWatch, reverse mentorships can help build a more inclusive workforce. 20% of millennials (ages 18 to 34) identify as LGBTQ, compared to 7% of Baby Boomers, and almost of half say that a diverse and inclusive workplace is an important factor in their job search, as well as work-life balance.
      Brenda Trenowden, CFA, global chair of the influential diversity group, the 30% Club, believes it helps organisations embrace inclusion. “The CEO has to really commit to drive change. If the CEO doesn’t commit to this as a business imperative, then it is hard to see anything changing. When senior leaders become involved in reverse mentoring, and really hear first-hand about some of the challenges that the more junior people face, that will really help.” So the writing is really on the wall here.
      Benefits for Client Relationships
      It’s imperative for senior management to be aware of and involved in new technologies and reverse mentoring provides the opportunity to do this. While there are benefits for both the older and younger generations within the company; what is just as interesting is the potential benefit to the customer or client as they are equally technically savvy.
      Reverse mentoring, which has still yet to be widely adopted, is today one of the single biggest opportunities for organisations to leverage knowledge and differentiate themselves – making themselves more attractive to customers.
      There are two main reasons for this:
      An inversion of the corporate age pyramid; we are entering a new era where the majority of the workforce will be made up of technically savvy, agile individuals who are typically hierarchy-adverse. The speed of business transformation and impact of technology on the fundamentals of the corporate landscape is disrupting old models at an unprecedented pace.   
      Turning Senior Management Into Early Adopters
      When it comes to technology, there is often a great fear of it among senior management. They will often shy away from group training where they might expose their lack of knowledge and experience to their tech savvy junior team members. This is damaging all round.
      More positively, the new generation of talent is made up of digital natives and they will want to influence the direction of the business they are working in, but they are also happy to share their knowledge and insight. Reverse mentoring is a great way of doing this and by putting people together into face to face meetings, it’s highly effective and creates a level of understanding between generations without anyone feeling vulnerable or at a disadvantage.  
      In an excellent article from Microsoft, “Reverse mentoring; How millennials are becoming the new mentors”, it is great to see how reverse mentoring can benefit both individuals involved across a range of topics (“learning to better collaborate and leverage each other’s strength”). If we want to avoid the ‘male, pale and stale’ stereotype, surely the investment management industry needs to take a leaf from this book?
      In conclusion, aside from technical skills and knowledge that can be passed from younger to older workers, there are significant cultural benefits that may be realised through reverse mentoring; be it in breaking down stereotypes between generations or just learning how best to communicate and engage with people who might know more than you!
      Please do visit our new Mentoring section where you can create a profile and find a mentor within the AlgoMe Community.
    • Luuk Jacobs
      By Luuk Jacobs
      Material findings in this report and clearly we can not (and should not) influence nature when it comes to becoming father of children but I would think it shows that "exposure" to the world girls and in the end women live in, makes men's views on gender less traditional. This possibly makes a good point to creating exposure to the experience of women in professional life, to change (traditional) views (as my point made with regards the elevator video where women are directed to the staircase and men take the elevator ....... it should have been the other way around)
      Having a daughter makes men less sexist, research confirms
      WWW.WEFORUM.ORG The study tracked the responses of more than 5,000 men over the course of a decade, and the effect seemed to be strongest as  daughters reached secondary-school age.  
    • Eva Keogan
      By Eva Keogan
      Richard Branson, Paul Polman and other global leaders unite for disability inclusion
      WWW.THEDRUM.COM A group of high-profile global business leaders and companies have committed to take accountability for disability inclusion in business by supporting #valuable – a worldwide call to action for business to... This is very impressive - would be great to see this filter into Investment Management and the City - is this something you've heard about in the last few days anyone?
    • Andy Milner
      By Andy Milner
      Good to see women recognised in a wide spectrum of roles and companies, and with a concentration within financial services including Charlotte Willis @ Schroders and Sophie Wihlborn @ Fidelity.
      TechWomen100 Awards | Winners 2018
      WEARETECHWOMEN.WEARETHECITY.COM WeAreTechWomen is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 TechWomen100 Awards. The winners of these awards showcases remarkable women within the technology sector covering a wide range...  
    • Andy Milner
      By Andy Milner
      As part of the Innovate Finance’s Women in FinTech initiative, we will be hosting the second of our series of four one hour workshops on “Hiring Strong” in association with Equality Group looking at:Interview Success: training, structure and candidate experience.
      This session will take place over lunchtime on Thursday 13th December.
      Contact us at wif@innovatefinance.com to express your interest in attending this event.
      Women in FinTech Workshop: Hiring Strong with Equality Group - Innovate Finance – The Voice of Global FinTech
      WWW.INNOVATEFINANCE.COM As part of the Innovate Finance’s Women in FinTech initiative, we will be hosting the second of our series of four one hour workshops on “Hiring Strong” in association with Equality Group looking at:Interview Success:...  

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