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  • Luuk Jacobs
    Luuk Jacobs

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    Have your say: Investment Management, Fintech and the future of careers

      Time to read: 1min

    The survey is now closed - thanks to all who participated. Keep an eye out for the results on AlgoMe Community soon.


    With Investment Management being increasingly impacted by the growth of FinTech, the industry needs to better understand how people feel about these changes. 


    We would appreciate you completing our short survey, and sharing it with your friends and colleagues. We will publish the results in the community in the near future.


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    If you have any issues you can also complete the survey here

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    Andy Milner


    Our survey is going to be closing soon, so if you haven't had the opportunity please spend a couple of minutes to make sure your voice is heard. Thank you!

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      By AlgoMe
      The Investment Association, and its FinTech innovation and accelerator hub, invite you to the last TechTalk of 2019 to explore RegTech's latest challenges and innovative solutions for the investment management industry.
    • AlgoMe
      By AlgoMe
      FSTP LLP in partnership with AlgoMe invite you to a lunchtime round table discussion on the most pressing issues in today’s industry; digital skills shortage and the Apprenticeship Levy.

      Date: Tuesday October 22
      Location: WeWork, 1 Fore Street Avenue, Moorgate, EC2Y 9DT
      Time: 12.15 for 12.30
      Spaces are limited. Please contact Andy Milner (andy.milner@algome.com) if you would like to attend.

      Introducing your hosts:
      FSTP LLP, a main provider for Apprenticeships offering Financial Services, Leadership and Management Apprenticeships, will be on hand to share insights and experience AlgoMe, the community for the Investment Management industry, connecting professionals from Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and FinTechs with their wider industry ecosystem will be on hand to discuss skills and transformation in the industry
      The event:
      12.30 - 12.50
      Your co-hosts Rob Carter and Andy Milner, AlgoMe will give an overview of demand for retraining and tech skills, based on the latest AlgoMe report; The Disrupted Career: FinTech, Innovation and The Future Of Careers In Investment Management Followed by Philippa Grocott and Nicola Spennati from FSTP LLP, will give an overview of opportunities for using the apprenticeship levy and how to do so effectively within the industry sector
      12.50 – 14.00
      Group discussion over lunch
      Key points for discussion:
      FinTech, Innovation and the growing digitisation of Asset Management mean technology skills are becoming more important to firms There is pressure in the industry from regulation and changing customer expectations in addition career paths are changing and becoming less predictable Automation and AI will make traditional roles redundant and up to 40% of the workforce will require retraining in the next 5-10 years There is over £3bn of unspent apprenticeship levy funds which are set to be returned to the Treasury if they remain unspent This money can be used to help meet these challenges by retraining existing staff, up-skilling new joiners and re-skilling returners after career breaks There are rules around how the levy can and can’t be spent Companies need to have in place an effective strategy to ensure that not only the rules are met so that the funds can be recovered, but that the needs of the individual and the wider business benefit are met
    • Luuk Jacobs
      By Luuk Jacobs
      The use of ESG data in the Investment Management industry has come a long way. It is now one of the main components in many investment decisions as well as for the engagement with the companies invested in through its investment portfolios.
      High profile discussions, debate and activism around the impact of global warming on our environment has brought the importance and power of ESG investing even more to the forefront. With this comes an extraordinary paradigm shift in which the driver behind environmental change is not government but the investor (with the investment industry representing the investor).
      A fast growing sector
      The industry is ramping up its promotion of ESG data as a meaningful input to generating financial returns for our investors and, by default, asking the investor to also rely on that data in the reporting and disclosures to them. Yet, many consumers of data (including investment decision makers) within the investment management industry are unaware of the importance a good data governance framework provides in delivering reliable, accurate and fit-for-purpose inputs across investment and operational processes.
      This awareness gap is exacerbated for ESG data because it is less evolved than, say, capital market data sources (i.e. accounting data, securities attributes, pricing, volatility measures, etc.) and is generally more subjective or proprietary in form.
      The rate of adoption of ESG data across the industry without due consideration for its nature, how and when it is derived, what methodologies might be used to produce it, and how it will be used within a firms’ investment process and disclosures, has the potential to create unintended risks for investment firms.
      It should therefore be afforded the same level of governance rigour given to other major inputs to the investment process and accompanying services. Specifically, any firm producing its own proprietary ESG scores and frameworks needs to exhibit appropriate transparency and oversight to avoid the reality or perception of gaming scores for strategies with higher fees.
      A new framework
      The recently published paper ESG Data Integration: Important considerations for Investment and Wealth firms creates some insight in not only the associated risk of the use of ESG data but equally some guidance as to how an ESG data governance framework can be set up.
      We can only hope that such a governance framework gets the equal attention as the good that is aimed to be achieved with the use of ESG data in investment decision and the engagement with companies invested in. If good ESG data governance is not achieved then all the good intention to change the world for the better might end up with very disillusioned investors.
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      FinTech Conference - London - FinTech World Forum 2019 - UK Europe Payments Lending
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