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  2. With Investment Management being increasingly impacted by the growth of FinTech, the industry needs to better understand how people feel about these changes. We would appreciate you completing our short survey, and sharing it with your friends and colleagues. We will publish the results in the community in the near future. Share this Share this If you have any issues you can also complete the survey here
  3. Over the last decade, the All Blacks rugby team have epitomised high performance, their win rate is around 95%, they are without a doubt the iconic market leader. Much has been written about the All Blacks culture and how it might be applied to business. Sport teams only have to perform for short match periods, they have time to train and rehearse before they execute. In the commercial world, you are always on the pitch and there is not a bench of substitutes. So, what can we in business learn from the high performing culture that the All Blacks have built? Below are some key tenets of the All Blacks culture. High Performance is the combination of Capability and Behaviours. You need to focus on creating and maintaining, under pressure, the right culture to allow winning behaviours. People can have the right skills but need to apply them in the right way. People will rise to the challenge if they own the challenge. Everyone needs to take ownership. Pass the ball, as a leader pass responsibility on. Ask the right inclusive questions of your team and they will feel empowered to respond more positively. No egos. No one is bigger than the organisation. Select, promote and retain people for their values not just experience. Disruptive influencers need to change or be changed. Better people make better All Blacks. Yet again select carefully, you can develop specialist skills to meet your business needs, you can develop and train your people but you can’t fundamentally change a person’s character. Your values need to be more than words, you must bring them to life with genuine behaviours. Leave the All Blacks jersey in a better place. Talking about leaving a legacy in your business is much easier if you are a shareholder, so it is crucial to effectively engage your employees with your brand through: a clear purpose, authentic values, a shared vision and a transparent strategy. There are many more great examples of high performance, team and leadership behaviours to be learnt from the All Blacks. If you want to find out more about how we can help you create a high performing culture please contact us at People Risk Solutions. This article was contributed via People Risk Solutions by Richard Watts, a leadership and strategy consultant. He has spent over a decade helping global businesses build high performing cultures with a focus on operational effectiveness. He honed his leadership skills as a senior operational leader in the Royal Marines, a high performing organisation which was based on liveable enduring values.
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  5. Good to see women recognised in a wide spectrum of roles and companies, and with a concentration within financial services including Charlotte Willis @ Schroders and Sophie Wihlborn @ Fidelity. TechWomen100 Awards | Winners 2018 WEARETECHWOMEN.WEARETHECITY.COM WeAreTechWomen is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 TechWomen100 Awards. The winners of these awards showcases remarkable women within the technology sector covering a wide range...
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    As part of the Innovate Finance’s Women in FinTech initiative, we will be hosting the second of our series of four one hour workshops on “Hiring Strong” in association with Equality Group looking at:Interview Success: training, structure and candidate experience. This session will take place over lunchtime on Thursday 13th December. Contact us at wif@innovatefinance.com to express your interest in attending this event. Women in FinTech Workshop: Hiring Strong with Equality Group - Innovate Finance – The Voice of Global FinTech WWW.INNOVATEFINANCE.COM As part of the Innovate Finance’s Women in FinTech initiative, we will be hosting the second of our series of four one hour workshops on “Hiring Strong” in association with Equality Group looking at:Interview Success:...
  7. Andy Milner

    Professional Advisor Awards 2019

    Professional Adviser is once more issuing the call for advisory businesses the length and breadth of the country to showcase their knowledge, skills and commitment to client care by entering our 2019 Awards. If you believe your business boasts an outstanding, client-focused and repeatable advice process, then please do make sure the company is in with a chance of being named Adviser Firm of the Year for your region - with one winner ultimately to be crowned overall ‘Adviser Firm of the Year'. Home - Professional Adviser Awards 2019 EVENTS.PROFESSIONALADVISER.CO.UK Dummy Description for Home Page
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  9. Andy Milner

    Fintech Connect 2018


    Good to see Schroders with a big presence at FinTech Connect, and as a headline sponsor. I spoke to a lot of interesting companies - Payment, RegTech and Cyber Security seemed to be the dominating themes of the companies in attendance. @Jonathan Max @Charlotte Wood
  10. For the UK/Europe I am sure an equivalent list could be drawn up. I am just thinking of Helene Morrisey of LGIM, Jayne-Anne Gadhia of Virgin Money UK, Zeina Bain, managing director, The Carlyle Group and many more that are featured in the The 100 Most Influential Women in Finance 2018 The 100 Most Influential Women in Finance 2018 WWW.FNLONDON.COM
  11. @Luuk Jacobs - this is really useful, thanks
  12. Although a US focused list, this is still great to see. From Asset Management: 11 Women Who Are Changing The Face Of Finance WWW.FORBES.COM The face of finance is changing. Now, more women are emerging as powerful movers and shakers in the finance industry, potentially taking the “old boys’ club” out of the arena once and for all.
  13. Eva Keogan

    How to Make the Most of AlgoMe Community

    It’s no secret, how we network our business communities has changed. While we still like to meet face to face, more increasingly, we are meeting and engaging online and through social networks before we get to meet up in the real world. Even Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People has been updated with a new edition for the digital age. So, if you’ve just signed up to AlgoMe Community – we would like to extend a warm (virtual) welcome from the team – and help you get started on your way to building your own social network and community here. Signing up for an online community can be daunting but it doesn’t need to be difficult. No doubt you’re among the 4 billion or so people on the planet already using social media today, but if you’re not, it’s pretty easy to pick up as you will see. Here’s your guide to getting started on AlgoMe Community Getting your profile ready: So, you’ve registered yourself on the community now, here’s a few pointers on how to make your presence felt: 1. Add a profile photo – upload the photo you want to use – probably best stick to head and shoulders and quite recent. You will most likely bump in to people at events and at mentoring meetings so always best to make sure you are recognisable. 2. Complete your profile information – how much information you wish to add is up to you, but we recommend completing at least your current position and something about your areas of interest and knowledge. Getting to know the community: Now you’ve completed your profile, you’re ready to start having a look around and seeing what’s on offer and how to get involved. Don’t be afraid to write something. While it’s often the first message or post which is the hardest, once that is out of the way, it’s much easier to share and connect. A good starting point is to post a message with something along the lines of ‘Hi I’m the newbie’ and you’ll find people wanting to say hello and find out more about you or the comment(s) you have made. What’s happening in the community: There is a wealth of features you can get stuck into. Across the AlgoMe Community home page, you’ll see a blue navigation bar with different areas which are: Articles – here you can also read from our extensive library of industry topics which have already been published. Feel free to share these outside of the community through Twitter or LinkedIn, or leave a comment on the article. Discussions – this is the place to go if you want to ask a question or share knowledge. It can be anything from Brexit through to City charity runs. Mentoring – we are offering our community access to experienced industry professionals with an interest in helping people like you through mentoring. To get involved, you will need to complete a short profile here to be able to participate in Mentoring and this is a great place to find people in your industry outside of your usual circle who may be able to help. Groups – some Discussions have become so big they have their own groups which you are free to join and participate in. If you would like to set up your own group, let us know and we’ll help you do that. Events – we have a calendar of industry events and if you are holding events, please feel free to add them to the calendar. Member Blogs - want to share your views? Create your own blog and publish it in AlgoMe Community. Activity Streams – if you’d like to customise what content you see from the community you can do so here. Want to only see content from members you follow? Easy. Want to filter out content that you’ve already read? No problem. You can even set a different stream to be your homepage. Keeping up to date with the community: Have a look at the right-hand column, and you’ll see it is pretty feature rich and extremely useful for an at a glance guide to what’s happening across the community. Here are some of the features you’ll see. Latest articles – read the latest blogs and articles posted by the community, you can leave likes on these too. Trending topics – this wordcloud gives you a visual update of what’s the hottest topic or topics in the community. Popular Contributors – this is a dynamic scoreboard of who is producing the best content in the community. If you’re publishing, posting and engaging, who knows, it might be you at the top of the chart. Newest Members – feel free to connect with new members and welcome them on board. You can follow each other so you’ll be notified when they post new content or exchange private messages. Downloads - this area is for industry White Papers and Publications which we feel are useful to everyone. If you would like to publish content here, please let us know. Upcoming Events – you will find a good selection of industry and industry related events here. We hope you enjoy your time on the AlgoMe Community and grow your connections too. If there is anything else you would like assistance on or would like to suggest improvements and enhancements, please get in touch via the Support page. We also welcome articles on how to network and grow so please feel free to post! Thanks Team AlgoMe
  14. A really inspiring panel and interesting discussion about women in technology at the FinTech Connect conference today. The emphasis on providing role models to girls at a young age and the need for mentoring throughout a career particularly resonated with me.
  15. So with all the discussion ongoing, it is difficult to keep track as to what the timelines are, so I thought that I would pull together an overview of it based on various articles in the media
  16. Andy Milner

    Fintech Connect 2018

    INNOVATE >> TRANSFORM >> GROW >> Europe’s most exciting, full eco-system fintech trade show is back – bigger, better and busier than ever with 175+ Exhibitors & Partners, 250+ Expert Speakers, 5000+ Attendees, 6 Dedicated Conferences FinTech Connect is the leading event which large teams from major banks, insurers, capital market firms and investors attend to assess and make informed buying decisions on the latest innovations that are changing the face of the sector. And it is where top fintechs come to meet finance professionals who seek a competitive differential for their businesses as well as investors who seek the next fast growth investment opportunity and advisors who can help them grow. FinTech Connect 2018 WWW.FINTECHCONNECT.COM FinTech Connect is the UK’s largest fintech trade show, taking place in London and bringing together 5,000...
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  18. Andy Milner

    Women in Investment Awards

    A massive congratulations to all the winners! http://events.investmentweek.co.uk/womenininvestmentawards/static/finalists
  19. Quite shocking results and indeed as a white male married to a mixed colour spouse, I can relate to some of those. Simply going out for dinner, often the bill is presented to me even if my spouse asked for it or choosing the wine is supposed to be a white mans privilege whereas my spouse being French and grown up with it knows much better than I (again my spouse would have chosen the wine but I a asked to taste it ...... feels like the coloured one might have chosen but the white man knows better so should confirm by tasting). Yes it is prevalent in everyday live and I am not a saint either and have my unconscious biases ..... I do hope that I am being called out on it.
  20. As a white man in a cosmopolitan bubble there are a lot of arresting findings in this report..
  21. Revealed: the stark evidence of everyday racial bias in Britain | UK news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Poll commissioned to launch series on unconscious bias shows gulf in negative experiences by ethnicity This has been published today and it's pretty stark - how does the industry respond to this? Is micro-aggression to become a new buzzword for 2019?
  22. No-deal Brexit could sink UK into recession WWW.BBC.CO.UK The Bank of England warns the pound could plummet 25% and the economy shrink 8% in a no-deal scenario. As mentioned in the article "The problem is that these kind of warnings, however well-grounded in facts and figures, are too easily written off as "project fear". The more scary they sound, the easier they are to dismiss." This might count for the general public although you would hope that politicians and MP's would be focussing on the facts and as a consequence would make decisions in the best interest of the country. I attended an IESE event in September in London where #javierdiazgiminez was talking about Brexit, Europe and the Global Economy. the picture he presented was very much in line with that of the BoE. Even more worrying within these scenario's is that while the UK would potentially fall into a recession the rest of the world moves ahead ie their economies continue growing. This means for the UK economy to catch up would take 10-15 years in which the UK economy would have to grow above its historic average. With all current EU trade relationships having to be renegotiated, I just wonder how that above average growth can be achieved in the short run
  23. Andy Milner

    Brexit - Where next on the withdrawal agreement?

    This was an interesting briefing from the IA, providing a succinct summary of the withdrawal agreement and a good view of the next steps and impacts to the industry. Apparently a recording will be available on the IA website for those who missed it.
  24. AlgoMe

    People Risk Solutions

    About Us: Client Focused People Solutions People Risk Solutions is a client-focused Human Resources consultancy, founded by Managing Director Andrew Pullman, and has a team of over 35 highly qualified professional associates. Andrew is an HR specialist with 30 years’ experience and founded PRS in 2006. His passion lies in improving business performance through the development of high-performing people, and PRS helps businesses to do just that. We offer a variety of practical HR solutions for businesses of all sizes. Because we tailor our solutions to the client, we can provide services that are creative, results-orientated and cost-effective for you. From straightforward HR support to Management Effectiveness workshops, we aim to make a difference. About You: Building A Better Business Whether you’re a complex business with multi-faceted people challenges or you are simply looking for interim HR support, PRS can help. We work on a retainer basis as well as on single projects, so that clients can choose the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for them. We work with businesses in a variety of industries, specialising in financial and professional services. From our extensive team we will select an associate with the relevant expertise and experience to suit your particular needs. Our Approach: Excellence In Adding Value People Risk Solutions is no ordinary HR consultancy. We are driven by the problem, and strive for excellence through helping you implement pragmatic solutions. We are creative, entrepreneurial and collaborative in the way we work, and we’re always seeking ‘best of breed’ ideas and solutions. You can be sure you’re in capable hands. Interested in how we can help your business to develop further by leveraging the talents of your people? Take our Risk Assessment to find out which people areas need attention, or read about our services.
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    Bringing our whole selves to work Earlier this year the IA published a report considering what colleagues, senior management, allies and LGBT+ people themselves could do to make asset management feel like a more inclusive industry. This event, which is kindly hosted by Standard Life Aberdeen, is an opportunity for people working in asset management and other financial and related professional services to discuss their experiences in Scotland. We are delighted that Hannah Bardell MP, the SNP’s Shadow Spokesperson for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, will join us to give an insight into what it is like to be your authentic self in the House of Commons. Canapes and drinks will be served upon arrival and networking after the panel discussion is encouraged. https://www.theinvestmentassociation.org/training/events/event-details.html?eventtemplate=144-The-LGBT%2B-experience-in-financial-services---Edinburgh&event=312
  26. In the Deloitte Millennial Report 2018, a clear step change was noted. It stated this particular generation is ‘feeling uneasy about the future. The growth of Industry 4.0 technologies—from robotics and the internet of things to artificial intelligence and cognitive—has altered the nature of work, while political upheavals challenge the established world order.’ Against this daunting backdrop however there appears to be quite a clear resolution to these issues and this comes in the shape of mentoring. Research by PwC highlights how millennials see mentoring as the most desired Learning and Development opportunity. Many respond well to mentoring by older employees – in an ideal world, they would like to see their boss as a coach who supports them in their personal development. Generally they prefer to learn by doing rather than by being told what to do and they prefer to be mentored rather than managed. Additionally, millennials who intend to stay with an organisation for more than five years are twice as likely to have a mentor than not and their ideal working week would include significantly more mentoring and coaching time than they currently receive. While we may already know there is benefit in having a mentor, what’s less common is individuals who actually have one; this is more acute with millennials than older workers. How do we tackle the need of mentoring for millennials? On the one side we have millennials signalling mentoring is a ‘must have’. They have a strong voice in being the largest generation in today’s workforce. They are also possibly the best equipped to tackle the technological innovation opportunities across the industry as well. The onus is therefore on the leadership to provide the necessary reassurances they need and signal the way forward while supporting the workforce in furnishing their learning and development. But this really is a twofold issue; companies need to be more creative when structuring formal programs and also encourage their millennials to seek both internal and external mentorships. It’s great for people to be fuelled with motivation and ambition but common sense tells us it is not solely the remit organisations to solve skills development and career progression challenges – put simply millennials must be able to take responsibility for their own development. Internal or external? When considering the choices around mentoring, there are two paths to follow; mentoring relationships inside and outside the organisation. These are certainly not mutually exclusive and there are significant benefits in pursuing both simultaneously. An internal mentor is a highly valuable relationship; through their experience they can help a mentee navigate the organisation and provide insightful advice about internal career development and mobility opportunities. Further, having an advocate for your skills and potential for the company cannot be underestimated. The benefit of a mentor’s perspective from outside the organisation supports more unbiased and free discussion, unencumbered by concerns about topics which may be politically risky. Furthermore, a mentee might not feel totally at ease discussing any skill gaps in the knowledge their internal mentor may be part of the promotion process they are so determined to achieve. Confidentiality There is a code of trust in mentoring which should never be breached. “Is it ok if this stays between us?” or “can we agree on Chatham House rules”; we have all been there. Having a truly safe environment is fundamental in enabling the expressing and diversity of thought which is much needed for a conversation between a mentor and a mentee. Personal choice Mentoring is highly personal, and individuals may want to learn soft skills, gain industry insight or learn about the next step up the ladder. This means one person may be useful for soft skills and another for industry insight. Someone who is a level or two above you in seniority may give you a realistic view of what’s going on in your industry while a C-Suite mentor will be more visionary. It’s up to you to design your own network. The best outcome is to embrace these opportunities and consider internal and external mentoring, perhaps choosing two or even three mentors over a period of time. This is one situation when a mentee really can have his or her cake and eat a big part of it! Please do visit our new Mentoring section where you can create a profile and find a mentor within the AlgoMe Community.
  27. A good week on from the draft Brexit agreement, it looks like the EU Council is going to approve the (non legally binding) framework for the negotiation of how the final deal might look like. This has caused reaction from on one side people saying we are heading to a Hard Brexit as this will never get UK parliament approval to we might have not a Brexit at all. The last based on the "Betfair" betting exchange reflecting a 35-40% chance of a second EU referendum in 2019 in which the question will be No Brexit or the Brexit proposed in the current Brexit agreement. In an earlier discussion, someone mentioned that he thought the Brexit agreement would get through parliament (maybe with a second vote and very close to the latest deadline for it) as most PM would not want to be associated with a Hard Brexit and all mayhem that would cause and therefore would ultimately choose for the still painful but less reputation damaging vote for the Brexit agreement. Clearly camps remain hugely divided and in my view it is anyones guess as to what the outcome might be
  28. Goldman Sachs has given a great example as to how to support working parents when sometimes things don't work out as planned, quite setting the example I thought "Struggling to find childcare at short notice will no longer be a problem for working parents at Goldman Sachs, where an emergency nanny service has been set up. The bank's 6,000 employees in the UK can already leave their children at a free onsite crèche, but now it is offering to arrange in-home nannies or helpers for elderly parents."
  29. Luuk Jacobs

    Irish Funds UK Symposium

    Yes, a very interesting forum with a variety of well covered subjects; from Brexit, ESG, ETF's, Fund Governance, regulatory updates from the FCA and the developments of the Euro Capital Markets Union. Especially connecting the subjects gave a lot of food for thought.
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